How and why to comb hair regularly?

by tejas on April 27, 2012

How often do you comb your hair? I asked many people around me, especially women. some of them said once a day,some said twice or thrice a day. many times a day Or even once a week? Then i further asked these people as how do they comb your hair? Some answered from roots to […]


Want to get rid of dark underarms?

by tejas on April 24, 2012

Today at my work place, while I was doing body and skin analysis of one of my client, I noticed that she was shy to show her arm pits, as they were darker than her original skin colour. This struck me that many women might be facing this problem. I also realised that this problem […]


Are hair removal creams safe for your skin?

March 30, 2012

All the women on earth dream of having a hair free skin. They try all the possible ways to get rid of unwanted hair. Now a days even men want to get rid unwanted hair.Amongst all the hair removal methods the most famous and most wanted method is the depilatory creams, commonly known as ‘hair […]

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How often you should wash your hair?

February 8, 2012

Shampooing is the first step to have healthy hair. A shampoo removes all dirt, oils, skin debris, and cosmetics from scalp and hair. Unless the scalp and hair are regularly cleansed, the accumulations of oil and sweat , which mixes with the natural and dirt, will result in growth of disease-producing bacteria which can also […]

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10 tips to choose the right beauty therapist?

January 27, 2012

Is your skin, your body in safe hands? Are you sure the beauty therapist you regularly visit is the best one for you. When you visit a salon you are actually giving your body , your SKIN ,the largest and the most important organ of the body, in the hands of therapist.I am sure when […]

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Hidden truths of fairness products

January 19, 2012

 How fair are fairness products? We always see all the fancy and hyped advertisements about fairness products but do they really work? Even if they work how long does the result last? Are these products really worth your skin? Do they have any side effects? Some fairness products come in the so-called ‘herbal’ avatar, but […]

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Got an acne?

November 24, 2011

Got an acne? I’ve seen many people, when they find acne erupting on their face , start cursing the whole world for it, as if the world is responsible for them, to get an acne. the next immediate step they do is , start searching the remedies for it, but has anybody ever wondered why […]

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Some effortless but effective home remedies for your skin.

October 14, 2011

Home remedies have always been everybody’s favorite as they are inexpensive, available all times, you know all the ingredients of the product who have made so it’s reliable, can be customised as per your requirement and on top of it, it’s fun to experiment and create your own skin care range. Home remedies have also been of significance […]

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5 quick, self make up steps, for every occasion

September 14, 2011

Hey people,do want to know how to get a make up done in just 15 mins and that too all by yourself? Alright then let me tell to how. Before that,it is very important to know what is make up all about?The word “make-up” itself explains all.Make up means to balance,repair,or to enhance the facial […]

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17 beauty myths most people don’t know

September 1, 2011

‘Myth’ as word suggests is a story traditionally accepted which is not true most of the times.What if I tell you, that the famous story, that cucumber reduces puffiness around the eyes is a myth and not the truth. Yes that’s right, it’s just that, cucumber stay cold for long after refrigerating them and it is this […]

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