10 tips to choose the right beauty therapist?

by tejas on January 27, 2012

Is your skin, your body in safe hands? Are you sure the beauty therapist you regularly visit is the best one for you. When you visit a salon you are actually giving your body , your SKIN ,the largest and the most important organ of the body, in the hands of therapist.I am sure when you want to visit a doctor you make sure that he is the best in his profession, and that you are in safe hands, then why not the same way about your skin. In fact, I would say you should care more because your skin is like a gift wrapper of your body. Besides that, any problem with your body,your health, it first reflects on your face.It is said that, the first impression is the last impression, then why risk your skin, while visiting salon. Wink

Below mentioned are some small tips to judge whether your beauty therapist is the right one for you.

  1. Experience – Always ask the therapist’s previous experience, where did she earlier work, has she ever worked with branded or a renowned salon, how long has she been in the industry. Beauty
  2. Hygiene – How would you feel ,having the facial towel used on your skin , which was earlier been used for 2-3 clients.Imagine a therapist with filthy nails doing your facial. Suppose that the client attended by your therapist before attending you had some skin condition and the therapist immediately attended you with the same hands, without washing or sanitizing them. I am sure you must have never thought of this before, as these things are not that visible, however they play a very important role while handling anybodies skin to avoid cross infection.Always check if the salon has hand sanitizer, disposable bed sheets, disposable facial towels, disposable gowns, if not check if salon has sterilisers for linen and instruments and equipment.Do they wear mouth masks while attending your facial treatments. Doctor
  3. Equipment and machinery – Check that the machines and equipment and machines are of latest technology. Also check, by asking various questions,how and why will that machine help your skin.For e.g. if she says it will give you glow, then ask how, she being a therapist should be able to explain what actually it does to your skin. Search
  4. Good quality products – Also check that the products she uses are of quality, you have all the rights to which brand products they use on your skin or what ingredients they contain and what will they exactly do to  your skin.A good therapist will always be able to explain the benefits of products with all the active ingredients of her products.Ask them if they know the ingredients of the products they use and their effects on the skin. If they suggest you any particular service and when they tell you the benefits , check if benefits they have suggested are ‘General’ like – will give u glow, will make u fair, or will moisturize your skin or will reduce skin problem etc. In these cases the benefits were general and not ‘Specific’, like – if they give a reason for every benefit, may be in short , or if they explain the benefits with respect to ingredients of product or action of machines used in treatment. I mean to say the benefits should be specific and logical.For example – if a client having pimples is suggested to go for anti acne or anti pimple treatment they should be able explain that the product or the machine used in this treatment has so and so properties that is why it will help your skin and not just say this will help to reduce pimple.   Question
  5. Price – Also check the prices. I do not mean to say, go to salon which offer cheaper services or go to costly salons. I mean to say where ever you go always check the reason behind the prices. If a salon charges you high, but provides you with excellent client care, invests in material’s like disposables etc. for client’s health and safety, and has well qualified and neat staff, definitely don’t think about the cost, because your skin will be in safer hands.You might also think ,that nothing happened so far then why bother, but always remember you are not lucky always, or may be the effects of wrong practices in your salon won’t show immediate, but may show in long-term. Remember a stitch in time saves nine. Victory
  6. The costly once ,are not always the great – Don’t get fooled by the fancy ambience or the way your therapist dresses,don’t fall prey to their interiors n glamorous atmosphere and their fancy machines and advertisements, always. I agree, the interiors of the salon, the grooming of the salon are very important aspects to look for, why would anybody want to go to a dull, filthy salon.What  i mean to say here is there is no point going to a salon which looks very nice but does not do any good to your skin. Hypnotized
  7. Always try to understand what is done on your skin - For example, if you for a bleach treatment just ask the therapist what does bleach do? How does it actually happen, I mean the mechanism of a bleach? How it actually works on your skin? What changes it does in your skin, what makes the hair turn gold which ingredient? If she is able to answer all the questions with confidence and sounds knowledgeable, logical only then proceed. Always remember being a client you have all the rights to know what is being done to your skin. Just the way you ask your doctor about any treatment, if suppose you went for a dental check up and then doctor asks you to go for root canal, you won’t just straight away say yes for it right? You would ask why? What has happened inside your teeth? How will the treatment help. Similarly you can also ask your therapist. Heh
  8. Qualification - We have various international and national level exams conducted in beauty and hair,such as ABTC, CIDESCO, CITY & GUILDS, MBTB, MSBTE, etc. Ask the therapist whether have they appeared for any particular exam other than their regular beauty courses . Also check for knowledgeable staff , what’s the point if the salon owner is well qualified but the treatments are done by staff, who are not well qualified. Yes
  9. Word of mouth – The best advertisement for any business is word of mouth. Ask your friends or anyone, (whose skin you really like and want skin just like her),which salon they visit and why they prefer going there. Meeting
  10. Feel good factor and the service quality – Don;t just go to a salon because says it’s good.You can always give it a try, to check if there is a feel good factor.The most important factor to judge a therapist, is the feel good factor, which means, how good you feel , rather how good does your skin feel after the treatment. Check if she explains you about the home care and after care, without which your entire treatment will go for a toss. Check if she responds well to your feedback or your discomfort. Female Fighter

Always remember, that being a customer, you have all the rights to information.So Jago Grahak Jago.So as per the above points, is your therapist the right one for you? Check and let me know. Big Smile


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1 navaid September 29, 2014 at 1:00 AM

my skin is soooooooooooo badly damage by using the mixture of diffrnt kind of bleaching crems :( plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out plzzzz plzzzzzz :( i m mentlly sick of it…. my face like get burn…. my face and neck get sooooo black…… plzzzz help me out….. give me the home made solution…….. that can i use easily and aplly to my face and whole body tooo…. my body complextion is also dark,,,,, plzzz help me out…. if my color complextion is lighten the it was like my dream comes true :(


2 navaid September 29, 2014 at 1:01 AM

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out… im rlly gettng sick of it


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