5 quick, self make up steps, for every occasion

by tejas on September 14, 2011

Hey people,do want to know how to get a make up done in just 15 mins and that too all by yourself? Wink Alright then let me tell to how. Before that,it is very important to know what is make up all about?The word “make-up” itself explains all.Make up means to balance,repair,or to enhance the facial features with the help of colour cosmetics.Alright, now let’s straight away see, how to do make up.I am sure now – a – days every one of us know a little bit about how to do a make up, but we’ll today see how to do it in a right manner and in just 15 minsBeauty

Five main steps for make up, in 15 minutes

Step 1  -Cleansing and sunscreen

A very important step.Because if the skin has any residues of any creams,oil,sweat they make up would not be effective and would not stay for long as well.So it important to cleanse the face and apply a protective layer(moisturizer/sunscreen) so that the skin is not disturbed even if you make up regularly,plus, it will act as a base for the foundation(you will have a smoother skin).But always choose a cleanser,moisturizer specially made for make up and as per your skin type. Otherwise your make up will appear dark after some time.Always dab a sunscreen never rub it on your skin,allow it to settle.You can choose among Revlon ,mac ,kryolan ,Amway etc. which are available easily in shopping malls and cosmetic stores.This step should not take more than 2 mins.

Step 2 -Foundation and powders

Now the most difficult one is to choose the right foundation, right? Smile choosing foundation is easy. The only thing you need to know is your skin type and your skin tone.If your skin is dry, dehydrated choose a cream base like a liquid foundation or a pan-stick ,however if your skin is oily choose a pancake ,dry cake, or a powder based foundation.

Then to check your skin tone you need to examine in day light if your skin is very fair like an European,or just fair like Kareena Kapoor ,wheatish like Amrita Rao , or a tan skin tone like Bipasha Basu. Also check(very important) if your skin looks pinkish or yellowish and choose the shades accordingly.Well,personally,I feel Revlon colorstay.It has shades as peer Asian skin tone (our skin) and even as per skin type.Even Colorbar and Maybelline has good shades suiting Indian skin tone( psst…they also suit your pocket).

Always choose branded cosmetics and always buy them from their outlets/counters ,avoid buying it from small cosmetic shop as there are chances of duplicacy and the staff on the company counters can also guide you with the exact foundation as per your skin type.

If you choose a foundation other than a powder base always remember to apply a powder on top of your base to fix it (never a talcum powder). You can buy translucent or compact powders for a cream base or a liquid base foundation.You do not need powders on cake foundations unless they are creamy.Very important point,always dab a foundation and powder and merge it well  into your skin, never rub on your skin, as you need to create a layer on your skin. and apply one more layer on areas where you have blemishes.this step takes 3mins for a foundation and 1 mins for powder Yes

Step 3 -Eyes

Now comes the most favourite of all,the eye make up.Eye make is always divided into 4 parts – eyeshadow , eye liner , mascara and then the lower eyelid (kajal).


  • Eye-shadow - This all depends on where you are going to wear that make up, whether in day or at night,whether for an interview,meeting or daily at office, or at a party or a wedding.Keep a collection of some eye-shadows – matt , shiny , dark , bright , natural colours.Wear light natural colours in day time and at official places. You can take a hint of colours from the dress colour that you have worn, if pink , maroon , brown , beige then you can choose the same colours ,however , if you’re wearing green , yellow , blue etc (dark) colours then take a slight tinge of those colours and merge it with natural shades like brown , pink , bronze etc. Always apply colours till the fold of your eyelids (if the fold is too close to lashes then you can slightly go higher) and start from outer corner to inner and from lashes go higher.You should wear dark , shiny colours for parties , at night , for weddings etc.This step you not eat more than 2 mins of yours.Once you are used to applying this you can try using dual shade, by applying a darker shade in outer corners. Lakme , Revlon are my favorite.
  • Eye-liner - Choose eyeliner colour as per the colour of your eyes, if you have green eyes choose a brown liner , if you have black ,  brown eyes you can choose black eye liner. If liquid liners are tough to apply choose the roll on ,pencil liners.Just stretch the outer corner of the eye outwards and draw a straight line close to the lashes.Apply liners as per eye your eye shape if they big and round apply thin and long liners , if you small eyes apply liners thick in middle and thin towards both ends.Always try to create lift and the ends, the ideal shape for eyes should be almond shape ,so try creating one. Again give only 1 mins for this step.I like Lakme liquid eye liner for its thin brush and Revlon colorstay roll on. my recent favorite is Maybelline colossal (it’s a kohl pencil , but i use it even as a liner at times.)Again this step should be done in 2 mins only.
  • Mascara - Always choose black mascara as it makes your lashes look fuller.We also get volume or lengthening mascara which create artificial fibers to make lashes look fuller. Apply in outward and upward direction if you have round eyes and vice versa. I like the Maybelline colossal again ,and Loreal when it comes to fiber mascara. 1min is enough for applying a mascara.
  • Kajal/ Kohl – The eye make up is incomplete without a kohl or a liner on the lower lash line. Like mentioned above, if liquid liner is difficult to apply choose a kohl pencil.Infact you can apply the kohl pencil inside the lower lash, however, avoid liners inside the eye as they are not meant to be applied in the eye.This step should be done within 1 min only.

You can also enhance the shape of your eyebrow to improve the shape. You get Eyebrow pens for the same. never choose dark black colour , you can choose black brown for a natural look.

Step 4 - Lips

Choose the lip colour slightly similar to your eye shadows. Always shape the lip first and then fill in the colour. Lip glosses are in trend. always apply a lipstick and then a lip gloss if you want lasting results.If your lip are thin slightly extend them while shaping and vice versa. Among the lipsticks i prefer Maybelline as they rich in moisturizer and Revlon too(even for the glosses).Work on your lip make up for not more than 2 mins.

Step 5 : Cheeks

Last, but the most important, the blush on / rouge. this is applied to complete the face shape and the make up. You have highlighted the eyes, lips and if you don’t apply anything on cheeks your face or the make up will look flat.Blush on/ rouge not only adds life in your make up and face but also shapes the face. Apply the blush on/ rouge from outward to inwards and according. If you have plump , round cheeks apply blush on a little lower than the cheek area. and vice versa. Choose similar shade to that of your eye and lip make up. Never use three totally different colours on eyes , cheeks , lips. blush would take another 1 min of yours.Well Lakme blush on are pretty good ,however , you can choose Revlon etc.

Initially you  might take a little longer time but with regular practice you will be able to do your make up within 15 mins.Always maintain a balance while applying colours. For eg. if have done dark eye make up , then the lip make up should be medium and cheeks should be light. If you need any further clarification , feel free to ask your queries in the comment box below.


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1 shosha August 20, 2014 at 4:55 AM

Thank you veyr much.. this was very help ful for every day make up.. I wish you could write more.. thanx again.


2 tejas September 11, 2014 at 9:24 AM

Hi Shosha,
THanks for your comment. Would be glad if you let me know What points you wanted me to elaborate more.


3 Tahmina zaidi April 4, 2015 at 5:15 PM

I’m a wheetish skin toned girl of 30 years old…my question is that which color of blush should I apply


4 special May 18, 2015 at 4:13 PM

Can u plz elaborat more on d eyeshadow


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