Hidden truths of fairness products

by tejas on January 19, 2012

fairness How fair are fairness products? We always see all the fancy and hyped advertisements about fairness products but do they really work? Even if they work how long does the result last? Are these products really worth your skin? Do they have any side effects? Some fairness products come in the so-called ‘herbal’ avatar, but are they really safe with no side effects at all? For all these questions it is very important for us to know how these product work on our skin, I mean to say, what they actually do to your skin and what all they consist.Do they contain any ingredient which is harmful for your skin.

Let’s see some facts about fairness products which will help you find the answers for all the above question. Wink

How does fairness product work on our skin?

 Well to start with, let us first see why do we tan or why does our skin darken.Sun rays have harmful UV rays which causes skin cancer, skin burns and ageing, now when our skin is exposed to sun, to protect it for the ill effects of sun starts producing a sun protecting factor, a colour pigment, called Melanin, which protects our skin but in return darkens our skin because it’s a colour pigment. Thinking

Now to get rid of this dark complexion people use fairness products which block sun rays and prevent secretion of Melanin, which gives the dark colour to the skin. So fairness cream reduce tan, prevent the skin from getting darker by preventing melanin secretion.



Are fairness products worth your skin?

 I would personally say ‘no’, because as per the opinion of most of the dermatologists, achieving fairness up to 20% is possible, but not more than that. They cannot change a person’s natural skin color.Nothing makes you fairer than your original skin colour, i.e. the colour you were born with,  without harming your skin. Fairness products by blocking your melanin formation, which is harmful, can make your skin lighter, however, once you stop using them you return to your original colour soon.
Melanin helps fighting cancer and sun burns. So the fairer the skin , higher the risk of skin cancer. All fairness products give some temporary results, so that people use it regularly.

What are the ingredients of the fairness products ?

  • Most of the companies never disclose the exact ingredients used in them and  their quantity.Most of the fairness creams have steroids which should always be used under Medical guidance . The use of steroids without supervision can lead to very harmful side effects. Pain
  • Strong creams have hydroquinone, which is a very strong bleaching agent and can bleach the skin. More than 4% of this hydroquinone can cause very harmful side effects on your skin like it can make skin patchy and sensitive to sun.Some creams also claim of having Vitamins to nourish the skin but many contain Vitamins like Kojic acid and Retinoic acid which make skin intolerant to Sun and can be burnt quite easily by sun rays.They also provide rashes, if over used.
  • Some cream can contain mercury in them which can lead to other toxic problems of heavy metal in the body, mercury may also cause hazards to the nervous system.Most creams contain harmful ingredients that can result in side effects ranging from irritation, allergies to sun sensitivity.Hence,

It is recommended to always do a patch test on your elbow or on a small portion of your skin to find out your sensitivity to the ingredients within 24 hrs of application. Yes

Most fairness creams also contain a bleaching agent.As per medical experts if the bleaching percentage is between 3- 4 %, it is acceptable as per side effects are concerned. But most of them do not mention the percentage of the chemicals on the packets. Long-term use of these creams may cause cancer, kidney problem, irritation and disfigure the skin.Even all commercial products creams branded as ‘HERBAL‘  have chemical bases that give them the texture and consistency and preservatives that prevent them from going bad, on top of it they also contain chemical and harmful alloy of metals and more mercury contents than prescribed by the U.S.F.D.A. Constant use of these creams may cause the skin to become thinner and thereby losing its tightness. The skin  may also become acne prone. Stop

How to choose fairness creams?

Check the ingredients. Look out for harmful ingredients mentioned above.Look for ingredients such as avocado oil, grape seed oil, shea butter and honey. These ingredients are used to treat skin conditions, without harming skin. Below mentioned are some of the common ingredients in fairness products.

      • Hydroquinone –An effective whitening agent, but known to cause skin irritation. Normally used in fairness creams in very small concentration (less than 1 percent)
      • Kojic Acid, a vitamin C derivative with characteristics to block melanin production in the skin.
      • Retinoic Acid, a vitamin A derivative which helps peel off the surface layers of skin, thereby getting rid of dark pigmented skin cells, is also used sometimes. In the process, the lower layers of the skin, which are somewhat lighter, come up to the surface.
      • Plant extracts — These which have mild whitening qualities such as liquorice,blackberry, mulberry, grape seed etc.
      • Steroids,
      • Mercury salts,
      • Bismuth sub nitrate
      • Hydrogen peroxide
      • Magnesium peroxide
      • Zinc peroxide.
      • Vitamin B3 (niacinamide)
      • Mixture of US FDA and EU-approved UV-A and UV-B sunscreens.
      • Ayurvedic herbs

If ever you have to choose a fairness product, always choose products which have berry’s extract as they naturally lighten the skin. If you choose to use fairness products in day time check if it has a sunscreen in it such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide etc. however wash such products after 3-4 hrs. Use of sunscreen is a must during use of fairness products.Please consult your beauty advisor before using any products.I would instead suggest go for salon treatments for tan removal. If you have a darker skin tone by birth, always remember skin colour achieved by birth never changes. Silly

Fairness Cream for Men

A recent trend for fairness products for men has also captured market, however, this is another marketing tactics of cosmetic companies. Male skin generally appears thicker and oily, that’s the only difference amongst a male skin and a female skin.Infact cosmetic companies make products with higher concentration of ingredients for men which result in stronger products, which in turn harms the skin even more.

Also remember,

  •  All fairness cream or skin whitening creams are effective ony if the pigment is in the epidermis, topmost layer of skin. If the pigment is deeper, the product cannot help or make changes. Thus, fairness cream can help remove a tan or discoloration due to some pigment in the top layer of the skin. It cannot make a dark person fair.
  • I personally think buying fairness products is a BIG waste if money Money Mouth , rather than that, I would say, invest your money in buying proper skin care products by consulting a beauty therapist. a skin with good and healthy skin will always turn more heads around than a fair problematic skin. in addition i would say, a fair skin is more prone to skin problems than a dark skin. The darker the skin by birth, the healthier it is, this does not mean you have to intentionally tan your skin, or else it will create other problems. Big Smile

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1 navaid September 29, 2014 at 12:53 AM

my skin is soooooooooooo badly damage by using the mixture of diffrnt kind of bleaching crems :( plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out plzzzz plzzzzzz :( i m mentlly sick of it…. my face like get burn…. my face and neck get sooooo black…… plzzzz help me out….. give me the home made solution…….. that can i use easily and aplly to my face and whole body tooo…. my body complextion is also dark,,,,, plzzz help me out…. if my color complextion is lighten the it was like my dream comes true :(


2 navaid September 29, 2014 at 12:57 AM

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz some one help me out….. its really sirious situation :( i want my colour complextion of whole body including face lighten


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