Got an acne?

by tejas on November 24, 2011

Got an acne? Really Pissed I’ve seen many people, when they find acne erupting on their face , start cursing the whole world for it, as if the world is responsible for them, to get an acne. the next immediate step they do is , start searching the remedies for it, but has anybody ever wondered why do we get acne? Many people try searching it internet and find the reasons for it, but do you know, the reasons for acne varies from person to person and so the remedies vary too Pain . Let us first see what actually happens to your skin, or skin undergoes what changes when you get an acne and then let’s see the reasons for it.

How is acne formed?

If you notice people get acne in age of puberty, when there are a lot of hormonal changes happening in the body. During puberty hormonal imbalances causes disturbance in glandular activities, which means, the sebaceous glands (oil gland which produce oil in skin) becomes sensitive to the hormone “androgen” and starts producing more sebum(oil). Skin appears more oily, shiny, and due to this increased sebum flow, the pores enlarge and skin becomes coarse. Pores of skin get blocked with sebum, commonly known as Whitehead gets oxidised and hardens when it comes in contact with the environment and closes the mouth of the pore. The Whitehead is now transformed into a comedone (blackhead).

Now, the pore is blocked but the sebaceous(oil) gland keeps on producing more oil because the androgen hormone. This excess sebum has no way to come out because of the blocked pore, hence they sebaceous(oil) gland swells up and breaks up within and some part of the sebum starts spreading in the dermis (second layer of skin where the gland is situated) and is trapped under epidermis (first or upper layer of the skin). If proper care is not taken this plug like comedone (blackhead) catches infection because of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes and becomes a pustule which simply means a pussy pimple. due to further negligence and improper handling this infection (pus) spreads all over the dermis, in short all over the face. This condition is, aesthetically or medically, known as acne vulgaris.

Reasons that aggravates the chances of acne are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Excessive oily skin
  • Wrong use of cosmetics
  • Improper diet
  • Medications
  • Long term illness

Precautions to be taken:

  • Never burst the acne at home, it will spread the infection and would leave a scar which is very difficult to cure or remove.
  • Never keep on touching it again and again as there are bacteria on our hands which might further worsen the condition.

Remedies for acne:

  •  Always visit a well qualified beauty therapist, she will help you the treatment as well as suggest you ways to find out and cure the reasons for your acne. For e.g. After the consultation she suggest you whether you need to visit a gynaecologist if the reason behind your acne is hormonal imbalance. If the reason for your acne is improper diet she will guide you accordingly and so on.
  • Get it treated in salons with the help of high frequency treatment.
  • Depending on the stages of your acne ( how deep or worst the condition is) you can also visit skin clinics performing chemical peel treatments.
  • You can also visit dermatologists which can give topical applications and internal medicines etc, which contain retinoids, benzoyl peroxide etc.
  • Use products designed for sensitive skin if there is a lot of  inflammation on your skin. Never use oil based products as it may worsen the situation.
  • Use a sunscreen so that skin is protected from environment and photo sensitivity (sun damage).
  • Keep your skin and hands ( before touching them) clean. Never burst your acne with your nails.
For any further queries , leave a comment below in the comment box.

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