How often you should wash your hair?

by tejas on February 8, 2012

Shampooing is the first step to have healthy hair. A shampoo removes all dirt, oils, skin debris, and cosmetics from scalp and hair. Unless the scalp and hair are regularly cleansed, the accumulations of oil and sweat Sweat , which mixes with the natural and dirt, will result in growth of disease-producing bacteria which can also lead to scalp disorders.

So, how many times in a week do you shampoo your hair? Question

I checked many websites, to what should be the ideal frequency of hair washes in a week, however many told us how many times you can shampoo maximum or minimum. Most of them stated the writer’s personal choice. Many stated maximum daily once , and some said minimum once a week. Side Frown So let me tell you what should be the ideal frequency to shampoo your hair in a weeks time.

Hair should be shampooed ‘as often as necessary‘, depending on how quickly the scalp and hair become soiled and greasy.As a general rule ,oily hair should be shampooed more often than dry or normal hair. Depending on your hair type and scalp conditions, you can shampoo your hair as and when required. Well, it’s ideally stated that you should wash your hair at least twice a week and maximum thrice.This is with reference to today’s pollution, styling products etc. At the same time,frequent shampooing can take away the natural moisture from your hair making them dry and frizzy. Shock

If you choose to shampoo daily for hygiene purpose or for styling , make sure you use a pH balancing or a mild shampoo so that it doesn’t damage your hair and scalp. for chemically treated and colored hair use the shampoo specially designed for such hair or suggested by your hairstylist. Yes

Choose shampoos as per your scalp and hair type.For dandruff use anti dandruff shampoos only till you have dandruff, then shift to your regular shampoos, Don’t use anti dandruff shampoos regularly just because your scalp is dandruff prone.It will result in extreme dryness of your hair and scalp.Shampoo twice when you wash your hair.I mean, whenever you shampoo your hair,wash it once with shampoo, rinse off and use shampoo once again, rinse and then use a conditioner. Wink  Last but not the least use conditioner for your hair (and not the scalp) for frizz  and tangle free hair.

So now, how many times will you shampoo your hair in a week? Beauty


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1 Kriti Parikh February 17, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Hello Tejas,

Great article! I shampoo every alternate day, I have been following this pattern more than 2 years now and it has suited my hair type pretty well.

Can you give some tips/post article on making face-packs at home to control oil levels?

Kriti Parikh


2 tejas February 17, 2012 at 4:51 PM

Hey Kriti,
Glad to hear that you are happy with your shampooing technique.
Well, for your skin query,regarding balancing your oil levels, you can my article
Apart from that you can also try applying fuller’s earth (mulatni mitti)or magnesium carbonate, mixed with water (to form a paste),let it dry for 10 minutes and rinse it off. You may get these powders in a medical or a cosmetic shop.You can also try oatmeal powder and lime juice in the similar way as mentioned above.
If you have pimples apply neem leaves paste and turmeric only on affected areas.


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