How and why to comb hair regularly?

by tejas on April 27, 2012

How often do you comb your hair? I asked many people around me, especially women. some of them said once a day,some said twice or thrice a day. many times a day Or even once a week? Pain Then i further asked these people as how do they comb your hair? Some answered from roots to end, while some said from ends to roots, some even told me when they are wet because it is impossible for them to comb hair when they are dry. And some answers were like “I don’t use a comb i always brush my hair”. Shock While some of them did not even remember the way they combed it, because they always did this task along with some other task which they thought was more important. I am sure you can relate yourself with one of the above. Now let me tell you what all you did was right and what went wrong. Yes First of all, let us see

Why to comb your hair regularly?

  • It detangles your hair , and makes them appear neat and tidy. It also gives you a fell good factor.
  • It makes your hair shiny. (Yes, you read it correct) combing hair daily spreads down the natural oil secreted by the scalp which not only gives shine to hair but also conditions the hair.The action of brushing from the roots to the tips also helps smooth the cuticle and keeps your tresses softer.
  • Combing hair regularly reduces hair loss. It keeps your hair healthy by increasing the blood circulation at the scalp, because of the friction caused by the comb on scalp. This also refreshes you because of the increased blood supply.
  • It also helps to shed off dirt and dust accumulated in the hair. The combing action can loosen dead cells from the scalp, which helps the scalp to breathe, by unclogging blocked pores.
  • Combing also helps in hormone secretion along with increased blood supply which helps in hair growth.

Is brushing your hair a better option for combing ?

Brushing properly maintains a balance of the natural hair oils and, keeps your hair healthy. However it is not an option for combing the hair. There are various types of brushes and combs available in market. Always use a wide toothed comb (commonly known as zee comb) to detangle your hair. You may then use a brush to style your hair. Using a brush in entangled hair causes hair breakage which leads to hair loss.

Common myths and the do’s and dont’s about combing and brushing your hair.

Myth : To grow your hair you need to brush your them 100 strokes per day. over brushing your hair damages the cuticle ( outer layer or protective layer). In addition, i would like to say that, combing hair is better than brushing them so much. You will end up having split ends and have hair breakage.

Do’s :

  1. Brushing properly maintains a balance of the natural hair oils which, keeps your hair healthy.
  2. Use clean comb. Unhygienic conditions lead to infection which lead to hair loss and scalp irritation.
  3. Be gentle on your hair while brushing or combing, do not pull your hair or you may end up having else split ends, as the  inner layers of hair get fractured.
  4. While detangling your hair start from the ends and move gradually towards roots this helps to avoid hair breakage.
  5. Use a boar bristle brush.It’s gentle on scalp and hair.
Don’ts :
  1. Do not comb wet hair. they tend to be more pliable and break off easily when wet.
  2. Do not use other’s brushes or combs to avoid cross infection.
Love and pamper your hair like a baby, it’s the crowning glory of our body. If any further queries or if you have something more to share ,please  comment in the section below. Heh


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