What’s your skin type?

August 17, 2011

I know there are many articles, blogs and websites on this, and due to awareness amongst people these days,almost 9 out of 10 people know what their skin type is.However ,when I deal with my clients,I’ve seen that most of them think that they know what their skin type is, but when we analyse their skin, the skin […]

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How to choose the right products for your skin

August 12, 2011

Now a days, there are so many products in the market and most of them are customised as per skin type or skin problems/concerns.I mean to say,if your skin is oily, there are products which are made specially for oily skin,or for example if you have dark patches on your skin(hyper pigmentation) there are products […]

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Primary steps for daily skin care.

August 8, 2011

When it comes to skin care ( ),this is the exact reaction everybody has on their faces,including me at times,yet everybody is conscious about how they look(even guys to an extend) . What if I tell you it takes only 5 mins in morning and another 5 mins at night to good care of your skin? Yes […]

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Why to use a sunscreen/ sunblock ?

August 6, 2011

Do you use a sunscreen? I asked many people whom I meet daily, but most of them (almost 60% people) told me they don’t, and amongst those, most of them were men and housewives. When I asked them why, some of them told me they don’t know why to use it or some of them […]

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