What’s your skin type?

by tejas on August 17, 2011

I know there are many articles, blogs and websites on this, and due to awareness amongst people these days,almost 9 out of 10 people know what their skin type is.However ,when I deal with my clients,I’ve seen that most of them think that they know what their skin type is, but when we analyse their skin, the skin type is totally different from what they thought.Yes Wink , and that’s where most client make a mistake while choosing their product,which results in further damage of skin.So, today I’ll not only explain about features of different types of skin but, I’ll also discuss some important points, which lead to confusion while analysing skin type Smile

Let’s see characteristics of different types of skin so that you can find your type accordingly Secret

1. Oily skin-Such skin, typically has a shine on face all time, along with dullness.The texture of skin is often thick and rough because of congested pores(blocked pores) which result in blackheads , white heads..You would feel like washing your face after every 2-3 hr. You will find acne(commonly known as pimples) if your skin is excess oily.All this happens because of excess secretion of oil over the skin.

2. Combination skin - Always appears oily only on forehead,nose and chin.It forms a “T” shape as shown in the picture(generally called as “T” zone).You will feel oily and find blackheads or open pores mostly on nose area.The cheeks,always appear to be dry.Overall skin looks healthy,however the forehead and nose area appears shiny ,oily in couple of hours.

3. Dry skin - Generally feels tight,dry(not only in wintersbut throughout the year)and flaky, at times.Feels more dry after cleansing.Rarely gets acne ,except during periods.You may find dull complexion with no shine at all. And at times will also find lot of dead skin deposition.The pores may appear tight.Skin feels stretched.Skin doesn’t appear oily even after using moisturizer, in fact looks pleasant.

4. Sensitive -Sensitive skin is not actually a skin type but a skin condition.It tends to be thin, delicate with fine pores. It flushes easily, is frequently allergic and can be prone to rashes. There are 2 types sensitive skin Seen and Unseen Struggle .In ‘Seen’ sensitive skin you will signs of sensitivity like broken capillaries( small red veins like) and Rosaceae (redness and sensitivity, kind of inflammation around the nose and cheek area) sometimes with open pores.Where in,the other type,’Unseen’ sensitive skin the signs of sensitivity are not visible, it is only felt by client( itching, burning ,specially after long hr. in sun, or after  use of some products). Shock

5. Dehydrated skin - Most of the people get confused hereConfused, this is again not a skin type but a skin condition.In our skin there are 2 glands mainly,the sweat gland and the oil gland(technically known as sudoriferous gland and sebaceous gland) which maintain the skin health.In simpler words our skin needs oil and water to function well and to be healthy.Most of the times due to various reasons (such lack of water intake, free radicals released due to lack of antioxidants because of habits like smoking etc., improper diet,stress, lifestyle etc. ),the water level in the skin reduces remarkably.However the oil level in skin is still the same. Due to low water level in skin , in spite oil being enough, skin feels dry Pain .Yes, this is when confusion takes place,and people start using products for dry skin, which are oil based.Now these products, instead of increasing only the water level in skin , also increase oil level.Now the skin has enough oil in skin, in addition there is more oil introduced in skin because of the products, resulting into excess oily skin, which leads to acne(pimples) Side Frown . Now people here are not only worsen the skin but also assume that their skin is sensitive and say that no products  suit their skin, but the case is totally different. People with such skin should use water based products , not oil based.So choosing the right product is important, which be done only after understanding your skin type, and its requirement. Yes

6.Normal skin - This is the most ideal skin, though rarely found.This skin is balanced, flawless.Looks great and feels great too.In recent times due to changed lifestyle very few people have normal skin.Such skin, now a days, is mostly only found in babies and kids.

Some little things you need to be careful, while you check your skin type. Beauty

  1.  Always wash your face with a mild face wash so the dirt on your skin is gone.Wait for some time so that the skin comes back to normal state( do not test immediately), then do the skin analysis.
  2. Never analyse your skin when you have oiled your hair.You might feel the skin is oily.
  3. Never test your skin when you have applied some product( any cream or make up) on skin.
  4.  Never check your skin type when you are sweating, in spite of washing your face. Sweat

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