Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement is a surgery that intends to build the size, shape, or totality of the breast.

Augmentation of Breast is done to:

•             Enlarge breasts that are normally little

•             Restore breast size and shape after pregnancy or weight reduction

•             Restore evenness when the breasts are unbalanced

•             Restore the breast or breasts after cancer surgical procedure

breast enlargement through corrective surgical procedure supports ladies’ confidence and their emotions about their sexuality.

What are breast implants?

A breast implant is a clinical prosthesis that is put inside the breast to enlarge, reproduce, or make the physical type of the breast.

Two types of implants

Silicone gel filled which are commonly used in India

Saline filled implants which are available in USA

Breast enlargement is a kind of surgical procedure, so patients need to think cautiously before choosing the procedure.

Prior to the procedure, the Plastic Surgeon should enable the patient to pick the size of the implant that is required. This might be done by measurements of the chest wall and cup sizes of the bra or by placing distinctive measured inserts into a bra, to perceive how they feel.

Operation can be done under General Anesthesia or Regional Anesthesia like thoraic epidural

The Plastic Surgeon needs to discuss the placement of incisions for implant placement with the client before the procedure.

•             Inframammary cut, done in the wrinkle under the breast, most common approach

•             Transaxillary cut, in the armpit

•             Periareolar cut, around the areola

The decision of cut relies upon a few components, including how much augmentation is included, the patient’s lifestyle, the type of implant, and the experience of the operating plastic surgeon.

A pocket is created behind the breast either in front of the muscle or behind the muscle and the implant is inserted carefully after securing meticulous hemostasis ( bloodless pocket)

The incision is closed in layers with sutures and skin tapes for better scar formation

Over a period of time the scars will go unnoticed

The result are evident immediately after surgery

Postoperative discomfort for 2 to 7 days will be noticed

Reported complications, though very infrequent are

Infection and capsular contraction

Scars may sometimes become hypertrophic

Choosing the experienced  Plastic surgeon is the key to the success of your operation

He should be a registered Plastic surgeon from the Medical Council Of India

Should have experience in performing breast surgeries

Should comply strictly with the medical code of Ethics

Should conduct the procedure in a safe and registered clinical establishment

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