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Your skin and its beauty is handled by an experienced dermatologist, the first and foremost advantage over any other parlour facials. Thorough Pre analysis of your skin health  is done with regards to the specific problems like acne prone, scarred, uneven skin tone , wrinkles etc etc  and then the tailor made procedures often in combinations are designed to suit the exact and proper needs of the individual skin.

Medi-facials are obviously cost effective and scientifically based as they are treating the underlying cause rather than the symptoms. These are evidence based treatments that focuses on the root causes of the skin such as tanning, acne, blemishes, scarring, wrinkles thus improving the health of the skin along with the added glow.

Medi-facials are totally safe with long lasting glow with no side effects.

The ingredients used are scientifically approved and well researched like vitamin c, antioxidants AHAs etc to clear the spots, remove dirt tan and other impurities resulting in a long lasting glow with in 24hrs to 48hrs after the procedure.

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  1. Dr jaya

    Simple information
    Thanks for busting the myths about MEDI-FACIALS.,that they r done on scientific basis

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